Every day life happenings.

Snow Day

As you can see, there are no pictures of snow here. That is because I stayed inside the entire day. I am not even the least bit sorry that I didn't go out and take pictures of snow. At first, at the beginning of the day, when the snow was fresh and fluffy, I considered going out and making the Searcy snow look pretty (because believe wasn't pretty. It could hardly even be considered real snow. They canceled school and everything. It started melting by 10am). But then I realized that...I don't want to be cold. In fact, I hate being cold. So why would I put myself through that? Ok, I realize that that is super pessimistic and the opposite of adventurous, but I enjoyed my time inside. Mack and I watched some TV, but I made my own little business cards, looked at old paintings from angsty high school days, wood-burned a panel my mom gave me, and watched the sun make its way across the living room. It was a good day.

abby tran