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Break Glass

When Mack and I were visiting Farmville, we visited the Longwood University Center for the Visual Arts where the artist VL Cox had a display up. It was incredibly moving. I cried at least three times. It was actually really cool to have some of that stuff come from Arkansas - from cities that are not far from where Mack and I live. I have a lot to say on the issues of prejudice and hatred, but I will never be able to fully express it in such a way as does Cox. There is so much ugliness in this world, and while it is so prevalent and harsh, there is also beauty and people willing to take a stand against evil. 


"The End Hate Project is a narrative body of work that looks at the nation's history of past and present discrimination, gender issues, and social culture. These artworks by VL Cox convey messages that are aggressive, violent, disturbing, irreverent, and even humorous, as they depict a society where we’ve been before and where we can’t allow ourselves to go again."


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