Every day life happenings.

Grinder I hardly Know Her

Back in June, Bekah’s parents-in-law came to GrandPaul’s funeral, and they were chatting with me and Mack. They told us that any time we wanted to get out of Searcy, we could come crash at their place any time. Normally, we don’t take people up on that offer simply because it’s usually just what people say – to come visit any time, I mean. But they were so insistent upon it, that I called up Bekah a week ago and said, “Hey, we should all hang out at the Grinder’s.” It was a fantastic weekend. We ate lots of food, soaked up lots of sunshine, watched movies, ate more food, took naps…oh it was so glorious. The Grinders love having people over, and their house is completely suited to host.

On the way back to Searcy, we drove through a storm and I got to capture some really cool clouds. It was pretty neat to watch.