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These past few months have been really hard. Watching GrandPaul suffer has been more than I thought I could handle. Mom and Aunt Julie have been up here for weeks now. Irene has hardly left his side. Just a couple weeks ago, he was talking to me and having conversations, albeit short conversations. Today, he was sleeping and that was it; his breathing was labored, he would wake up from pain and couldn’t even speak. Irene would jump up as soon as he woke up just to make sure he knew she was there. She would say over and over again, “I love you I love you,” and you could tell that he wanted to say it back but he physically couldn’t. He was in pain and you could see it – he would jerk in seizure-like motions and wince and moan, and we couldn’t do anything about it. It was so very terrible to watch but how could I leave?

"Photography can cut through abstractions and rhetoric to help us understand complex issues on a human level. Never is photography more essential than in moments of crisis. To witness people suffering is difficult. To make a photograph of that suffering is even harder. The challenge is to remain open to very powerful emotions and, rather than shutting down, channel them into the images. It is crucial to see with a sense of compassion and to comprehend that just because people are suffering does not mean they lack dignity." - James Nachtwey

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