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A Visit Home

British Columbia isn’t actually my home. It’s Mack’s. But by default it is mine too now, and I’m ok with that. BC is beautiful. I’m not even a big city person and I am completely enrapt with this city. What’s more is that it’s fall here currently, so everything is colorful and golden. It’s dreamy.

The last time Mack and I were in BC was the summer of 2015, right before we got engaged. Since then, we have gotten married and applied for his permanent residency, during which time he could not leave the country. But just this past summer, only four months ago, he finally got his green card. So we booked a trip home. It was so great being with his family, and of course we had to see his buddies Jackson, Ryan, and Dan. We even got to see Jenny and Kayla (sorry I didn’t bring my camera to those events, I suck, sorry).

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