Every day life happenings.

A Sunrise and a Storm

It was very cold and very dark when we all got up to hike an hour to the top of a mountain near Noah and Emily’s apartment. I was so grumpy from being awake before the sun that I couldn’t bring myself to take my cold hands out of my pockets to take pictures until we got to the top haha! There’s something about seeing the world asleep and then watching it awake when the sun finally presents itself. I love the way it made everything turn gold.

Just as we got to see a beautiful sunrise, we saw an equally beautiful sunset…without actually seeing the sun. As we were out for an afternoon stroll, a storm started to roll in, and although the sun was nowhere to be seen, it made the sky an eerie pink, giving a vibrance to the trees and water. We also came upon a weeping willow that was being whipped around by the wind from the storm, and that was just magical to watch. Nature is pretty neat.

abby tran