Every day life happenings.

Carly and Devin

Today was such a good, good day.
The last time Devin and Carly came to visit us, Carly was out of the room and Devin whispered to me and Mack, “I’m going to propose to Carly soon, and I need your help.” And of course, we whisper-screamed, and said we’d do anything to help. He originally wanted to make another trip to come see us and we could go hiking together and he would do it, but because of trips Mack and I had planned, and then busy weekends on their part, we just couldn’t seem to make it work.

Here’s the thing: Carl and Dev are responsible people. They’ve been dating for a while, and marriage has definitely been on their to-do list. But Carly is in Grad school, and Devin still needs to graduate from undergrad, so they weren’t planning on getting engaged until next year. But ya know…sometimes you just gotta go with what your heart says.

Homecoming at Harding was this weekend, and for several weeks after that, Mack and I had plans. So I called Devin last weekend and was like HEY. We should just come there and you can propose.

When Mack and I got into town on Saturday afternoon, Devin kept saying, “The game’s afoot!” every time Carly was out of earshot. On Saturday night, we took them out to dinner and asked them what their plans were the next day. I suggested we do a quick climbing trip, but Carly said they had a lot of homework to do (I already knew she would say this, but I slipped that in to throw her off the scent). So I then suggested we do a less intense day and go to Sugar Loaf instead, a place where neither of them had been before (after 5 years of being at Harding?? Come on now), that isn’t as far away as Jamestown and wouldn’t be that strenuous. She was ALMOST too stubborn but finally agreed.

So on Sunday, after church and lunch, we drove up to Sugar Loaf. We are all a little bit out of shape, but Carly was pretty beat by the time we reached the top, so she laid down as soon as we got to the top, and I got annoying with the camera in her face. It was actually pretty great that she laid down because a bunch of her closest friends were hiding behind the trees at the top and all came out while her back was to them. When she finally turned around, she immediately started crying because she knew exactly what was going on.

Devin hugged her and began to tell her that he knew she wanted it to happen somewhere special. But neither of them had been there before, but that didn’t matter because all of their friends made it special. Then he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She was so excited and jumped up and down (well, jumped is a strong word, her knees were pretty weak haha), saying, “Yes yes yes!”

Carly was so overwhelmed by the love that was being given that she had to sit down for a minute. Then after Devin pulled her to her feet, she beckoned for everyone to come over, and they rushed in for a group hug.

I am overjoyed I got to witness this proposal happen. It was such a beautiful thing. I can’t believe we fooled her. Ha!

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