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Sunday Morning with the Etheridges

Mack and I made a trip to Searcy this weekend, very last minute, and on the drive there I asked Mack, “Did you find a place for us to stay tonight?” He said, “No…did you?” Nope. I hadn’t. So he suggested calling up the Etheridges, and of course! They are always inviting us to stay with them any time. We didn’t get in until late Saturday night, so the kids were all sleep. But in the morning, we got to spend some time with them before heading our separate ways. These pictures don’t really show the chaos of getting ready, more of the little moments; Eleanor got things from her room to put on my and Mack’s head for hair, Kaleb trying to put on Wilder’s clothes, Aussie playing the piano, Chelsea making breakfast for all of us…it was a lovely morning.

abby tran