Every day life happenings.


When I am in an airport, especially an international airport, I am always fascinated by people; there are different kinds of travelers:

- the easygoing, dressed practically in pajamas
- the business person, carrying briefcases and a suit bag, dressed in the classic office attire
- the fashionista, dressed in the latest trends, even if those trends call for uncomfortable looking and rather impractical clothing, down to the last accessory
- the dressed-for-wherever-they-are-headed person, even if it’s snowing outside of wherever they just came from, they are in shorts and a tank top complete with straw hat and sandals, ready for that harsh Mexican sun

It’s fascinating, and honestly quite entertaining to watch. This album unfortunately doesn’t have any of those people…but that’s what I’m saying. I’m usually there, in the airport, wishing I wasn’t afraid to take my camera out because I don’t want to be “that person”. And I certainly don’t want to offend anyone.

So basically…this is a baby step. I took pictures of people but…none of my images (except for maybe one) are focused on individuals. I just took pictures of my surroundings. I promise I’ll get better at this. It’s on my bucket list!

abby tran