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Christmas at Home...Again!

Mack and I weren’t planning on being in Virginia this Christmas, but things happened and life got rearranged and isn’t that the way it goes. Over thanksgiving, my family celebrated Christmas because all of my siblings were in town. We exchanged gifts and everything. So we weren’t really expecting another gift exchange, but of course my two sisters who were in town and parents couldn’t resist giving us more things to open on Christmas day. We had told them not to worry about it because we didn’t need more presents, but they insisted that it just wouldn’t feel like Christmas without opening something haha they are crazy. We also got to spend some time with both my mom's and dad’s side of the family, so we had a pretty full house for most of the time Mack and I were there. We ate a lot of food, played a lot of games, went on walks, watched some Christmas movies, and watched my cute nephews play with their new gifts. Family is a beautiful thing, and we feel so blessed to be a part of this one.

abby tran