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Garrett & Emily Get Engaged

I mentioned before that no matter how many times I get asked to take photos of special moments, I am always honored. And I also get overly excited. When Garrett got into my car in the pouring rain to ask if I'd take pictures of him proposing him Emily, I screamed. Ok, maybe not screamed because it was in closed quarters and that's rude, but I did squeal and bounce around in my seat for a good bit. I just really love love, and whenever I hear that someone has found their person that they want to spend forever with, I just become overwhelmed with thankfulness that faithfulness, joy, appreciation, and all those other things that come with loving another human exists in this world. 

I beat Garrett and Emily to the cliff in Pangburn (which just so happens to be the cliff where Mack proposed :P), and snuck around like a weirdo with my shutter on "quiet", trying not to be noticed as Emily was completely surprised at Garrett getting down on one knee. The whole time, she was in disbelief and excitement, and couldn't seem to catch her breath even after they got back to the car. 

Who else is a hopeless romantic??? 

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