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Be Pizza

I had the opportunity to photograph this semester's ASI speaker, Ron Clark. Because I was an education major, I had watched his videos, read his books, and listened to his speeches a bunch of times. So it was really cool to meet him and listen to him in person. Even though I have no idea how or when I will use my education degree, I have loved learning about how to be the best teacher I can be, and what I can do to help raise our future generations. Ron Clark is one of the most incredible educations I have had the pleasure of meeting, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him speak. I almost wish I had been taking notes instead of taking pictures, but it was fun nevertheless. If you haven't already, look him and his academy up because it is seriously one of the most magical things ever.  

Also, the purpose for the title of this post is that Clark encouraged educators to not just be bread, but to be pizza. There are a lot of mediocre things in this world, and we should avoid being so in our profession and in life in general. Mediocre does not create spectacular, interesting, or creative things. Bread is boring. So be pizza.

abby tranHarding, Searcy, Arkansas