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Grand Canyon

We had to cut our trip a little bit short because everything that needs to be done before going back to the real world hit us; we were going to go to Moe’s Valley, Zion, and the Grand Canyon, but we simply didn’t have enough time. Plus, our last afternoon at Red Rocks, we had a 6 hour complication with a couple of our climbers who went off to do a multi-pitch. They experienced a rough approach, and picking them up was a challenge because we didn’t have cell service, and basically, we were held back several hours from the remainder of our trip. So we decided to camp out one more night outside of Las Vegas and we headed for the Grand Canyon. This was yet another first for me. The whole time I was looking into the canyon, it didn’t seem real; because of my eye’s naturally deep depth of field, the canyon looked like a giant screen. I’m Terrified of heights, but because it practically looked 2D, I wasn’t freaking out. Now, when Mack went out onto a pillar about a hundred feet from the edge of the parkway, I may have had a minor panic attack. Good thing he’s a rock climber. It is CRAZY how deep the canyon goes. I couldn’t see any people for scale, but you could see the layers of rocks and plateaus. I can’t imagine what the first settlers traveling west thought when they came upon it - like, holy CRAP we have to either settle right here or find our way around or through it. There are no mountains or anything around the canyon, so it’s literally like the earth split down the middle, so when the settlers just came to it…oh man. Nature is craazzyyyy. Also, we just so happened to be there at the same time as a couple of Harding Alum traveling in their van. They have been saving for their road trip for months now, and they’ve already been so many places. It was cool seeing Harding people in a random place.