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Joshua Tree

This was my first time in Joshua Tree National Park and I think I’m in love. The amount of rocks here is baffling. Huge boulders are piled up on top of each other, looking like pebbles from far away, looking like they were sprinkled there by giants. And the boulders themselves are made out of tiny little rocks, which makes them sticky and easy to scramble up…but also very painful to hold on to. We have been very spoiled by Arkansas’s sandstone, so the climbing here has been pretty difficult. There is so much though! We are barely scratching the surface, there is SO much climbing to do. There are now 8 of us camping together - it’s been fun hanging out with friends. We even missed a group of 5 or 6 from Harding that was also in the area; we kept trying to catch each other, but because there isn’t any cell service, we couldn’t ever meet up. That was bummy, but that’s ok! It was still a lot of fun. My goal this week, photographically, is to work my angles. I would say that I feel pretty confident in my abilities to move around and find different looks, but I know I can get lazy. I am definitely enjoying my time and am living in the moment with friends and nature, but I also knew that these opportunities don’t come often, so I will take advantage of them. I really love rock climbing, and I love watching it as much as I love climbing myself. When a climber is on the wall, they are one with the rock and are focused on keeping their core engaged, finding good feet holds, looking for the next move, determining how much energy they to exert to get to the next hold….and you can see that on their face and in their body tension, and catching that on camera is fun for me. Aside from rock climbing, I’ve also enjoyed gawking at the scenery around me, rattling my brain to figure out how something like this happened, and praising God for the earth He gave us and the opportunity to see it, even if it’s in little bits.