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Mojave Desert

This was our last spring break before Mack graduates and we have to be full-on adults. So we decided to go big and travel out west with some friends. Madeline and Jeremiah rode with us, and Ryan, Kyndall, and Garrett met up with us later in the weekend. We left in the afternoon on Friday and stayed in some random camp site in Texas. The next day, we bombed it to the Mojave Desert in California. I enjoy driving, but holy cow, it is a LONG time to be in the car. But I will say that I am loving these rocks and mountains. Can’t say that I’m a huge fan of the desert. It’s just sad and dead out here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful, and I definitely enjoy some aspects of it, but holy cow where are the trees and grass? Traveling with friends is fun. We plan to camp all week - some in established campgrounds, but mostly BLM land. My mom was a doll and sent Mack and me an American The Beautiful pass that gets us into national parks. Super cool.

abby tran