Every day life happenings.

Lazy Cats

This week has been really busy. And stressful. And pretty bad all around. So I took a small break and observed my cats for a couple hours. This sounds silly, I'm aware..but cats do funny things after they begin ignoring you. Turns out, they do a lot of sleeping (surprise surprise), but if you wake them up, they act groggy and annoyed, just like me when I get woken up. I found Charlie sleeping next to a stuffed kitten. When I was taking his picture, Mira climbed on my back and laid down. I didn't move for maybe 20 minutes. I could feel her purring. Charlie thinks the faucet is turned on by tapping it with his paw (and that's when I turn it on for him). Mira loooves Mack - she laid down on the bed for a minute and she found her spot behind his knees. So happy. Charlie found his way into the blanket trunk in the bedroom and pulled it out to...make a nest? To be annoying? Who knows. And when he abandoned it to fall asleep on the bed, I came over and cuddled him and he started playing with my hair. 
I don't care if I'm a crazy cat lady. They make me happy.

abby tranCharlie, Mira, Mack