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Service Day

Once a year, Harding University puts together a day of serving called Bisons for Christ. There were over 150 student led projects all over town today; serving widows, non-profit organizations, and things of the like. It's amazing and makes my heart so happy. But sometimes I fall into the thoughts of, "Well, why is this only happening once a year? Are the people serving today just doing this to pat themselves on the back for this one day of service?" And then I kicked myself for being so judgmental. There are hundreds of people just within the Searcy community that daily devote themselves to serving others, and they are amazing individuals who are selfless and praise-worthy. Things like Pizza Ministry even came from Bisons for Christ! (I don't think I've posted on here yet about Pizza Ministry; it was the first ministry that I became involved in when I came as a freshman back in 2012 and it is very dear to my heart. In fact, as I was supposed to take pictures of the different locations students were serving, I stayed just a liiiiiiittle too long at the trailer park where Pizza Ministry typically takes place. There are families that I've known since I came and so we have gotten really close. They invite me into their homes and trust me with their kids. Anyways, I digress...) 
Taylor Gleaves (now Payne) quoted Debbie Flores who I think said it well: " 'I am thankful for the seeds that this day plants in the hearts of those serving,' Flores said. 'I hope that these seeds spring forth a new initiative and outlook on service so that this day may one day seem like another ordinary day.' "
Seeds. I love that. That's exactly what days like today should be. 
Botham Jean was also quoted in the same article: " 'Bisons for Christ really aims not just to have a day of service, but to try and give people an opportunity to see what service is like,' Jean said. 'I believe that is the example that Christ gave to us. He came and he didn’t restrict his life to himself, but took the initiative to go and find people.' Jean said he first developed his passion for service when he participated in Bisons for Christ his freshman year."

Basically, I'm just glad I'm not the only one who has felt the ways that I have. And I'd like to think I have an open mind. I don't know. I'm done rambling.

I did my job and took pictures of the event itself, but then I got a little sidetracked... I'm not sorry.

As soon as I got to the trailer park, it's like I forgot that I was there for a job, and I started noticing my surroundings a little more. Again...not really sorry. I saw some cool stuff. Mostly animals. 

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