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The Hunts

|| Spare me February If I'm barely holding on It turns out every season Has my heart locked in a box ||

Jamison, Jonathan, Jessi, Justin, Josh, Jordan, and Jenni are some of the raddest humans I've ever met. They're lovers of life, music, and laughter, and they're pretty gorgeous if I do say so myself. This is their fourth time playing at Harding, if I'm correct, and this year I asked if I could take their portraits before the show. Found out they're from my home state, Virginia, and they were homeschooled, like myself, as well as from a big family! They were so patient with me as I tried to figure out how to take pictures of a large group (which I clearly need way more practice in). Basically, I was just hanging out with them and they did their own thing, and I just lifted my camera to take a picture when I felt the need. It was fun regardless! 

Oh and did I mention they're SUPER talented???

abby tran