Every day life happenings.

Kevin and Nikki

Here was an actual conversation from this afternoon's shoot: 

"I hope you don't think we're too weird."
Nah, I don't think y'all too weird.
"Okay good--"
No, I think you're just the right amount of weird.
That's not a bad thing. Being weird isn't bad. In fact, it's awesome. It's what makes you you. I mean, not weird is boring so... Please don't ever apologize to me or anyone else for being weird because honestly you shouldn't care. 

Kevin and Nikki have been dating since freshmen year and it was practically a "you had me at 'hello'" kind of thing. Kevin first told Nikki he loved her by writing it in a code and making her figure it out. What weirdos. ;) They easily make each other laugh and their love for each other is so evident in the way they interact. I am so honored to have taken the pictures to document the beginning of their forever. 

abby tran