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Family Weekend

My mom turned 60 this May, so to celebrate, our whole family (minus Tim and Julie) went to Pigeon Forge to play outside, go to Dolly Wood, eat lots of food, and swim in creeks. We don't get to see each other a bunch, and the chances of having a family vacation every year are getting slimmer. Since we took this trip, we probably won't go to the beach this summer. Mack and I are already spending Christmas with his family this year. So...who knows when we will all get together next. Julie and Tim don't usually join us for get-togethers, so that isn't weird. Spending time with the nephews is always fun too, especially Barrett since I hardly know the kid. He's getting so big! Walking and everything. A huge shout out to Jen and Bekah for putting all of this together. 

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