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First Home

Mack and I have lived in this apartment for a little over two years now. It was our first home together as a couple, and now it's time to move! We are both officially done with school and are planning to move to Northwest Arkansas in July. It's been a very difficult few months, waiting for word on Mack's permanent residency stuff, job searches and interviews, apartment hunting...I've been in Searcy for six years now and while it isn't the worst city to live in, I'm just ready for a change of scenery. We really thought we would end up out west somewhere but that wasn't in our stars...for now, at least. But this has been a wonderful first home for us. We have no idea where God will take us, but we are so thankful for the solid foundation He's provided us with, and we are excited about what He has to offer. 

A huge thanks to Ashel Parsons for coming to our house first thing in the morning before work hours to photograph or typical morning together. She has taken anniversary and christmas photos for us, and she is so good at capturing the true us - the silly and awkward us. I really, really love this man a lot.

Go check out the rest of Ashel's work here!

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