Every day life happenings.


It was so wonderful to finally meet little Milo! It feels like just last week that I took his mother's maternity pictures and I am already in love with him! One of the things that I probably dwell on too much is the fact that the kids that my friends are having now have no idea how big of an impact they have had on my life thus far. I have known Clay and Aubrey since 2012, before they were engaged, and now they are parents, and it is so so amazing. Milo is already so loved and he has no idea. He won't know who I am when he grows up...and while that makes me sad, I am also grateful for the opportunity to know him and his parents. 
Milo, you are so blessed to have Clay and Aubrey as parents - they are extremely kind and compassionate, loving and loyal, and far more intelligent than my brain can even comprehend. And you are loved deeper and wider than you'll ever realize. 

abby tran