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Farmer's Market

This is the second week Mack and I have been in our new home. It's so cool to have sooo much to do, but it can also be pretty overwhelming, especially for me since I've only lived in two cities and they're both pretty small. One of the things we have been excited to take advantage of is the farmers market; and what's also really cool is that we at least three to choose from! We went to Fayetteville's market this morning, and I was all over the place with what to photograph. I wanted to sort of just photograph everything, but in kind of an organized manner (hello type A what). I first began taking pictures of the musicians set up at different corners of the market. Then I started noticing random things people were doing. But all of that ultimately got trumped by dogs. There were SO MANY. So Mack and I sat on a corner on the sidewalk, and I just held the camera up to my face and clicked the shutter every time a dog passed. Sometimes a dog would notice me looking at it intensely, and it would either make eye contact with me or it would come over to me, much to the chagrin of its owner. It's always funny to me when people apologize for their dog coming over to me because it wants pets, and I only ever say, um why are you sorry hello dogs are a gift from God

I can't wait to people/dog watch in the near future!

abby tran