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Weekend Away

This weekend was very much needed. Mack and I have been going through the process of him becoming a permanent resident, and it's been very stressful and has put a strain on everything involved in our lives. We applied for this status in August of 2017, and we just got the notice for our interview about a month ago. Even though we moved to NWA, our appointment was still set for July in Memphis. My sister Bekah's parents-in-law live in the area, so I called them up and asked if we could spend time with them, Bekah, and their son. It was exactly what Mack and I needed to detox from the worry; the Grinders cooked for us, let us take naps on their couches, gave us reign of their pool and freezer full of ice cream...But more than anything, they provided us with the love and support we needed to be surrounded by during this time. Family is so wonderful to have around.

Our interview was on Monday morning in downtown Memphis; we had all the paperwork we needed, the thoughts and prayers of our friends and family lifting us up, and ready for whatever the immigration officer decided for us. To God's grace and to His glory, the interview went very well, Officer Ward was extremely gentle and kind to us, and Mack was immediately granted his permanent resident status. We are so thankful for everyone who encouraged us during this long waiting period, and we are so grateful to be able to move on with our lives and see where our next adventure takes us. 

abby tran