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Visiting Home

I don't normally make trips to Virginia for no reason. Because it takes me about 16 hours to drive home, I tend to only go back for major holidays or once-a-year family vacations. But I decided to take a trip to specifically spend time with my little sister, Julie, for her birthday. Even though I specifically went to see Julie, I couldn't NOT see my other family in Virginia, only two hours away from the city we grew up in. I like being in Arkansas, I enjoy traveling, I think I plan to live a decent amount of other places, but...I really do miss home. It's hard being so far away. I don't like that if one of my sisters is going through something difficult or doing something fun that I can't just pop over and be with them. But I am very thankful for cars and planes. 

I didn't take as many pictures as I thought I would this weekend, but I'm not that upset about it. The first set of pictures are of Julie's home; she is so very talented and sees a room as a canvas. She has an eye for unique items and has an ability to arrange them that I cannot even understand because I am soooo bad at it. Last time I visited her, she had her living room decorated one way (you can see those pictures here) and now she's switched it up. I'm a fan of all of it. Julie, please come to my home and decorate please thanks. 

It was weird only seeing my parents and Jen's family for such a short amount of time (I usually spend at least a week with them, so one day was weird). But again, thankful for the time I got. 

So this is really cute and cool: my sister Jen decided to take her kids off screen time. Usually, during the baby's nap, they older boys would be able to watch tv or play on the tablet or something, but Jen has decided to take them off screen time cold turkey. She asked them what they would prefer to do during Barrett's nap time instead, and they decided - without her prompting them - to have a tea party. While that's funny beyond compare, it's also just really cool. It makes my heart happy.

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