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Those Dam Boulders

We only drove 20 minutes to get to this spot and it was pretty neat. The only thing that made today less than ideal is that we ALL stepped into some kind of tick nest. It was the most disgusting encounter that I’ve had with ticks in my entire life. They were baby ticks so they literally looked like specks of dirt, but when you looked at them closely, they had tiny little legs and COULD in fact bite (I thought they’d be too small to bite. Nope. Lies. Lies to myself.) and I now have bites all over my body. You’re welcome for that unnecessary description of my personal nightmare. Oh and also I saw the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in Arkansas on a rock we were about to climb, and yes the picture is bad because I did NOT want to get close to it. So yeah other than that, it was a fun trip!

abby tran