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Bobby and Becca

Today was such a very good day. A dear friend of mine got married to a wonderful, beautiful woman, and celebrating with his family was so incredibly special.

I grew up with the Burkes back in Virginia. When I was 11, they became our next door neighbors. I have many a fond memory of exploring the land we lived on, building forts, fishing, canoeing, eating boxes and boxes of pizza, star gazing, movie nights, pranks, and countless other memories that make me who I am. So having their entire family of nine at this celebration filled my heart to the brim.

Unfortunately, because Bobby and Becca’s relationship started in Alaska, where they were both doing their training for the Coast Guard, I didn’t meet Becca until the day before their wedding. But because of the wonderful invention of Facebook and Instagram, I have been following their relationship (in probably a creepy way), so I felt like I already knew her. And let me just say that I could not have imagined anyone better for Bobby. I am so so happy that they found each other, and I know they will go on to do amazing things.

As I said before, I grew up with this family. So even though the oldest of the kids is eight or so years older than me, and the youngest is about six years younger than me, they are all like siblings to me. I have SO much love for them and they have so much love for me, and anyone who marries into their family I automatically love by default. Watching the sisters dance with each other and their husbands, Mrs. Laurie dance with her sons and Mr. Bob with his mother, childhood friends laughing together — ugh my heart just can’t handle it. My soul is just full.

(Some of their official photographers’ photos are here!)

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