Every day life happenings.


My brother Tim is a youthful and adventurous soul. Ever since I can remember, he has traveled all around, living like a gypsy and a vagabond, living as he pleases, working hard to play hard. Because of his constant moving around and his work, I hadn’t had the opportunity to visit him like I do with the rest of my siblings. Thankfully, my work brought me to his neck of the woods, and what could have only been a three day trip to Oregon turned into seven, and for that I am very grateful. I got to see where he works during the winter season (setting off bombs on Mt. Hood for avalanche control), and to explore a little bit of the area he lives in. Mack and I came onto the mountain just when a snowstorm hit, so everything was snowy and the visibility was very low. Tim somehow talked me into snowshoeing through the woods…it wasn’t that bad. I’m just not a huge fan of the cold or the snow. BUT because I love Tim and I don’t get to see him often, I obliged. We drove all over Mt. Hood National Forest, hiked to Trillium Lake, stopped by Smith Rock (wish we had been there a lot longer, but maybe next time), and visited Multnomah Falls (which we hit right after sunset during a rain shower; there was literally no one there but us. I didn’t even have to photoshop people out of my photos!).

abby tran