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Washington, DC

Even though I was in this area for personal and rather sad reasons, I still thoroughly enjoyed walking around DC to sight see. I’ve been here many times because family lives there, but it’s always so cool to see these super old buildings and monuments spread all over the city. But this time, instead of only taking pictures of these sights and of the my family members (although, there are many pictures of them in here), I felt oddly tugged to approach strangers, talk to them, and ask to take their picture. I’m not really sure why; I’ve had urges like that before, but had never really acted upon it. I admire people at a distance, but I decided that if I think someone is beautiful, I want to tell them. I only got rejected once, so I think that’s pretty good.
(These are posted with permission)


“They’re good dogs.

But, boy, are they rotten beggars.”

I love your hair.
“Thank you. It makes me feel like a peacock.”
You’ve succeeded. But why did you only dye the front of your head?
“Eh. The whole head would be boring. I can’t see the back of my head anyways.”

“The first two weeks of March, me and a few buddies are going to take a river boat down the Amazon. I am so excited. I have wanted to do this my entire life. I am from Columbia; you’d think I would have done it by now. But here I am in my 50s, living in DC, and JUST now living my dream! Making art and jewelry is for a living, but I really just want to live.”

“I’m here with my grandpa. He likes these museums. I like ‘em too, I guess, but I’d rather be outside skating.”

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“You want to take MY picture? What ever for?”
I dig your style and I think you’re beautiful.
“My hair doesn’t even look cute though.”

“You made me look more beautiful than I feel!”

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