I attended Harding University from 2012-2017. I had originally started off as a Journalism major with a minor in Photography, but then I switched to Middle-Level Education. And funny thing, I ended up back in the Photography side of things even with a degree in Education. Clearly, deciding what to do with my life was a struggle and a half, but I'm young and still learning! 

I worked for the Marketing and Communications Department as a student worker for Jeff Montgomery, the head photographer, for about three years in undergrad. Then after I got my degree, I was hired to be the second photographer for the department (although Jeff will tell you that I'm the boss. I love that man). My main job was to photograph events on campus for our archives, but I also provided content for printed and digital publications, social media, collateral, and basically anything that was needed for marketing purposes. My role allowed me to attend athletic events, concerts, theater productions, key note speakers, and things of the like. I also traveled to different campuses in and out of the state to photograph content needed for the university. 

Working for Harding allowed me to make connections as a freelance photographer as well, so my work has been able to grow because of it. 

abby tran